Five Things You Can Do To Stay Cool Without Using The AC


No matter if you are reading this during the day or at night, the Summer heat can invade your home at any time of day. You likely own an air conditioner, but it costs money to run, as we all know, and sadly it doesn’t cool the second floor of your home, where you sleep in your bedroom.

With that said, we have a list of 5 ways that you can stay cool at home without the need of your air conditioner.

1. Buy a solar system.

If the sun is making your home warm overall, you should consider calling the best solar panel companies and think about buying a solar system for the roof. Solar panels reduce the amount of heat that penetrates your roof, so long as that is the location where you install them. This way, they can make your home significantly cooler. Additionally, you can enjoy a reduction of 20 percent on your energy bill every month. Buying solar panels used to be a large investment 15 to 20 years ago, but they are now more affordable from the best solar panel companies than ever before. Consider a solar system as a long term cooling option for the home.

2. Freeze your bed sheets.

We aren’t kidding. You can get a cool and relaxing night’s sleep by chilling your sheets. Do do this, you need large zip bags. Put your bedsheet and pillow sheet inside the bag, and store the bag inside your freezer for a number of hours. Take them out and make your bed before you go to sleep and night, and enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep that you can instantly fall in.

3. Block out your hottest rooms.

If there’s a warm room you don’t need most of the time, why pay to cool it? Rooms that have external walls tend to be hotter in the summer, this is because these rooms have more exposure to the outdoors. If you aren’t using these rooms for most of the day, there is no need to cool them at all. What you should do is close the cooling vents inside these rooms and shut the door. If there is an undercut in the door, block it if with a rolled-up towel.

4. Unplug appliances and devices not in use.

Even if that radio you own hasn’t been turned on in months, it can still produce slight amounts of electricity and heat for as long as it stays plugged in. This goes for any device or appliance that you have. If you have any chargers, lamps, lights, and small appliances that you aren’t using unplug them all from your wall sockets until you need them again. You can reduce your energy bills in a couple of ways. Not only will you save a little more money each month, but you will also create less heat in the room altogether.

5. Cook outside your home.

Simply by creating less heat inside your home, you will require less energy to keep it cooled down. By keeping the heat outside as you cook, use a natural, eco-friendly gas grill to prepare delicious meals during the summer months. But what about for baked goods, you ask? We all know that we can’t bake a cake using the grill. Unfortunately, try to limit your oven use as much as you can during the summer. You should instead opt to chill some fresh watermelon or cantaloupe for that sweet, summer taste, as a substitute for desert that doesn’t require any heat.