Tips to Find a Solar Installation Company

Switching to solar power is a sound choice. However, it is also a highly technical job that requires an expert for installation. So if you are going to install solar panels on your roof, it is recommended to hire a solar installation company that you can rely on.

In this article, we will share important tips to choose the right solar installation service provider that will not only help you with the installation but also save you tons of money by doing their job right!

Choosing the Right Solar Installer

the solar power installation company will be able to tailor the solar system as per your family’s requirement for electricity. That said, the best way to pick the right solar installation company is by asking questions. Those questions should include the company’s experience, their license to operate in the area, their expertise, insurance etc. You should also prefer a local based company over someone located away from you. A local installation company ill understand the local laws and weather patterns to design and install the perfect system for your needs.

Look for Licensed and Bonded Company

Once you find the company you like, ask them if they have the license and are they bonded? Don't hesitate to ask straight questions about their experience. The last thing you want is an incompetent professional at your doorstep who leaves you with an expensive bill and shoddy work. They should be able to give you a solar system that absorbs maximum light and offers highest levels of productivity.

Ask About the Equipment

Don't just trust the service provider when they recommend a brand of solar panel over another. Nor trust a technician who says that all panels are the same. No one panel is same as the other. There are many things that determine their quality such as durability, weather conditions, wear and tear, efficiency etc. If you want absolute competence from your solar panel, then consider reputed companies that use technology like Sunpower Installers. Made to last, these solar panels use patented technology that is designed to provide highest level of efficiency and energy saving capabilities. A good installer will not only design the perfect system for you but also do so in a way that it matches the aesthetics of your house.

Warranty and Financing Options

When hiring a solar installer, it is important to ask about the warranty. The warranty should not only cover the panels but also its power output for at least 25 years. In fact, the warranty should cover the entire system. Why trust a solar panel that does not even stand behind its own product?

You should also ask about financing options available to you. Look for a finance company that has the experience to finance solar projects.

Leave no stone unturned in assessing the company and its ability to provide you top value for your money! Use these tips to make the switch to solar power today.