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When you want to go solar, we are the best company to become your partner throughout this transition. We proudly offer comprehensive solar power solutions to homes across Fairfield. With a focus on innovation and affordability, we provide customized solutions to ensure clean solar energy across this wonderful community. We are a locally managed company having years of experience behind us. We care for the environment and are committed to preserving it with robust energy solutions.

Why Go Solar?

If you ask us what the best time to invest in solar Fairfield is, we’d say it’s now. With 30% Federal Tax credit and extension of net metering, you should start exploring the best options to go solar. You can choose our leasing options or invest in your own system depending on your needs and budget. When you purchase a solar system, it provides robust returns on investments within 4-7 years. Most importantly, these systems come with a warranty of 25 years to back up your energy requirements consistently. You rely lesser on fossil fuels and contribute your bit to save the environment.

What Do We Offer?

With quality at the core of our services, we offer a wide range of solutions that include solar panel installation, maintenance, and service. Our panels are sourced from the best manufacturers in the country. They offer high value for your investment with quality and durability. You can select us for efficient installation of solar in Fairfield. Whatever be your needs, our team is always there to deliver unrivaled customer service using their in-depth industry knowledge.

Why Choose Us?

At Ambrose Solar, we understand that choosing a solar system is a big decision. Hence, we strive to make it easier with our tailored solutions and high-quality products. We are a full-service residential solar power system provider possessing years of experience in this industry. Right from the designing to installation, we apply our skills to make this transition easier for you.

To know more about our services in Fairfield, please contact us today.