David H. - Dixon

Sunpower Solar Install Dixon Hurtado.jpg

I was tired of getting $500-$600 bills every summer, so I decided to install Solar. I initially called Sunrun (Costco). They quoted me a price for a 10kWh system, but I thought I could do better if I shopped around. I received 2 other quotes and was about to select one, then Ambrose Solar asked my wife if we were considering Solar. I sat with Ian the next day, and I showed him my quotes. Ambrose Solar was able to beat my lowest bid by a nice margin. The quote he gave me was based on the panels and equipment I selected. I had all of the companies use the same equipment and system size, so I would truly know which was the better deal. So in the end I received a great price, which, coupled with the tax rebate, will put me in the black in just under 5 years, after that, it's free energy. I've had my panels for over a month now and they've been producing more energy than I've been using and I use a lot of energy. My highest electric bill last summer was $832. Now I expect my electric bill will be zero. I had a great experience with Ambrose Solar and would recommend them to anyone.